Sociology of Work and Labour





Beynon H, Grimshaw D, Rubery J and Ward K, (2002) Managing Employment Change: The New Realities of Work, Oxford University Press, London pp x + 342, ISBN 0 1992 4869 9/ 0 1992 4870 0
Here is a wonderful example of the (case study) approach to the study of complexity in organisational change in employment….While many writers refer rather vaguely to trends in ‘globalisation’ or ‘work flexibility’ the great strength of this book is the way (it) gives real meaning and flesh to these terms and ,many other. John Purcell, Industrial Relations Journal, 2004





Beynon H
, and Austrin T. (1996) Masters and Servants: Class and Patronage in the Making of a Labour Organisation  “An example of both history from above and history from below …this account comes as close as any sociology does to capturing a comprehensive account of the lives of the people observed. …Beynon and Austrin have delivered something rather profound. Here there is life”. Ian Roberts, Sociology 1999





Beynon H  (1985) Working For Ford Penguin, second edition with two new chapters and preface
Beynon H  (1973) Working For Ford, Penguin. The unleashing of academics on to the shop floor has been a mixed blessing for working people.Huw Beynon is an exception. Working For Ford is an absolute delight, a rare and valuable contribution to our understanding of work and grass roots trade unionism. We hear the shop floor speaking and its voice is raucous, rebellious and utterly irreverent. (David Wilson, The Observer 27 June 1973)




Beynon H  and Blackburn, R.M. (1972)
 Perceptions of Work, Cambridge University Press, 1972 Republished 2011)


Edited Collections

The Fordism of Ford and Modern Management: Fordism and Post-Fordism

Beynon H and Nichols T (Editors) (2006) The Fordism of Ford and Modern Management: Fordism and Post-Fordism Edward Elgar 2 volumes
“As a desk reference, this two-volume collection is one of the most useful and inspiring books 
presently available in the field” Ahu Tatli, Work, Employment and Society, 2008

Patterns of Work in the Post-Fordist Era: Fordism and Post-Fordism

Beynon H and Nichols T (Editors) (2006) Patterns of Work in the Post-Fordist Era: Fordism and Post-Fordism Edward Elgar, 2 volumes

Patterns of Social Inequality

Beynon H and Glavanis, P. (Editors) (1999) Patterns of Social Inequality Longman


Edited Conference Proceedings

Changes at Work in the UK and Germany Volumes 1 and 2, Papers from two Anglo-German Foundations Conferences, (with H. Hesler, R. Hudson and M. Osterland), University of Manchester, 1991

Opencast Mining – The Industry, Papers from ESRC Conference (with R. Hudson and A. Cox), University of Durham, 1989

British Coal and Opencast Mining: Digging out the Issues, Papers from ESRC Conference (with R. Hudson and A. Cox), University of Durham, 1988


Short Works

What Happened at Speke?

Beynon, H. (1980) What Happened at Speke?, Liverpool, TGWU


Working Papers and Discussion Papers

Beynon, H. S. Cam, P. Fairbrother and T. Nichols (2003) The Rise and Transformations of the UK Domestic Appliances Industry, Social Sciences Working Paper Series 42, Cardiff University

Beynon, H. (1997) Changes at Work, International Centre for Labour Studies, Working paper No. 14 University of Manchester, pp 32

Beynon, H. and R.M. Blackburn (1992) Industrial Sociology and the Industrial Worker,  Social and Political Sciences, Working paper, No.8 University of Cambridge, pp 24

Beynon, H. and R.M. Blackburn (1992) Gender and Employment: Home responsibilities and involvement in work,  Social and Political Sciences, Working paper No.7, University of Cambridge, 1992 pp 32

Beynon, H. (1983) British Workers and the New Technology: Some Reflections on Empirical Investigations, ESRC Project Working Paper,  pp. 22

Beynon, H. (1983) The Critique From Without: Japan and Britain’s Employment Systems Compared, ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, 1983 pp. 30

Beynon, H. (1983) British Manufacture and the New International Division of Labour,  ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp. 22

Austrin, T. and Beynon, H. (1980) Global Outpost: The Experience of Multinational Corporations in the North East of England 1968-1980,  ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp 84


Edited Works: Contributions

Beyond Fordism” in S. Edgell, H. Gottfried and E. Granter (eds) The Sage Handbook of the Sociology and Work and Employment, 2016 Sage, 306-328

“The Coming of the Classless Society?” (1998) in Huw Beynon and Pandeli Glavanis (eds) Power and Inequality, Longmans

“The Changing Practices of Work” (1997) in R.K. Brown (Ed) The Changing Shape of Work, Macmillan, pp 20-53

Beynon, H. (1994) “The Changing Experience of Work” in Alex Bryson and Stephen McKay (Eds.) Is it Worth Working?, Policy Studies Institute, pp. 93-109

“The End of the Industrial Worker?” in N. Abercrombie and A. Warde (Eds.) Social Change in Contemporary Britain, Polity Press, 1992, pp 167-183

“Class and Historical Explanation” in M.L. Bush (Ed.) Social Orders and Social Classes in Europe since 1500, Longmans 1992 pp 230-249

“Closures: The Threat to Labour”, in P. Dickson and P. Judge, (Eds.), The Politics of Industrial Closure, Allen and Unwin, 1984, pp. 96-115


Academic Journal Papers

Beynon H (2011) “Engaging Labour: British Sociology 1945-2010”Global Labour Journal, Vol., 2. No.1  pp 5-26

“Working Time, Industrial Relations and the Employment Relationship”, (with Damien Grimshaw, Jill Rubery and Kevin Ward), Time and Society, 14, 1 (2005) pp 89-111, ISSN 0961-463X

Grimshaw, D, Beynon,H,   Rubery, J and Ward,K. (2002)  “The Restructuring of Career Paths in Large Service Sector Organisations: Delayering, Upskilling and Polarisiation”Sociological Review, 50 (1)

“Organisations and thre transformation of the internal labour market” Work, Employment and Society, 2001, 25-54

“’The Dream Factory’: VW’s Modular Production System in Resende Brazil”, (with Alice Abreu and Jose Rocardo Ramalho) Work Employment and Society,14 (2) June 2000

“Dealing with Icebergs”Work, Employment and Society, Vol.1 No.2 1986, pp. 247-259


Professional Journal Papers

“A View From the Shop Floor” interview in International Management, 1983 pp 12-14

“The Carcass of Time”, New Society, 13 October, 1977 included in Work and Society, New Science Publications, 1978

“The Real reason why Leyland Axed Speke”New Society, 7 September 1978 pp.13-16 Included in Sociological Abstracts

“Car Making: An Industry at War with its Workers”New Society, 12 June 1975, pp 20-23

“Wild Cat Strike”, New Society, 15 June 1968, pp17-19 01


Popular Journal Papers

“Automation”, in Readers Digest Encyclopaedia, 1996

“Worth More than My Job Mate”, interview in The Higher, 18 August 1995

“Ford and Fordism” in Henry Ford, BBC Publications, 1990, pp 12-21

“Making Motor Cars”, Manchester Left No 6. 1989 20-21

“Assembly Line Blues”, The Observer, 2 June 1974

“Luck in the Occupational game” Times Higher Educational Supplement, 23 January, 1974


Review Articles / Reviews

Book Review Symposium on Working for Ford – “a Response”Work Employment and Society, 2016, Vol 30 (1) pp181-191

“Dealing with Icebergs”Work, Employment and Society, Vol.1 No.2 1986, pp. 247-259


Unpublished Lectures and Papers

 “What’s Happening at Work?” Paper delivered at Department of Sociology, University of Lancaster 1995

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