Working Class Culture and Image





Beynon H
. and Hedges, N. (1982) Born to WorkPluto arguably, the outstanding photo-textual study of working life in 1970’s England.  Laurence McDonald  (Illusions, No.39. Winter 2007). Also Born to Work (2013) A film by Huw Beynon and Dewi Parry with images by Nick Hedges

Edited Collections

Looking at Class

Rowbotham S and Beynon H (Editors) (2001) Looking at Class, Rivers Oram, London pp vii +248, ISBN 1 85489 120 0 (hb), 1 85489 121 9 (pb) [including 4 chapters]

Revolt Against an Age of Plenty: Collected Essays of Jack Common

Beynon,H. and Hutchinson, C. (1982) Revolt Against an Age of Plenty: Collected Essays of Jack Common, Strong Words Publications


Working Papers

Beynon, H. (1986)  “Tommy Armstrong:  The Pitman’s Poet”. (See also, “The Songs of Tommy Armstrong”  Video 1987)

Beynon, H. (1982) The Past Against the Present: Jeremy Seabroke’s Method and the British Working Class ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp 24

Academic Journal Papers

Pattison, K. and Beynon, H. (1984) Easington, Side Gallery, Newcastle

Professional Journal Papers

Beynon, H.  (1985) “Our Cultural Heritage”,  Ten 8  August pp 4-14


Beynon, H. Howells,K, The Big Meeting – Centenary Year (1983) Video, Chapter, Cardiff

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