Trade Unionism Capital and Labour






Beynon H  (1985) Working For Ford Penguin, second edition with two new chapters and preface
Beynon H  (1973) Working For Ford, Penguin. The unleashing of academics on to the shop floor has been a mixed blessing for working people.Huw Beynon is an exception. Working For Ford is an absolute delight, a rare and valuable contribution to our understanding of work and grass roots trade unionism. We hear the shop floor speaking and its voice is raucous, rebellious and utterly irreverent. (David Wilson, The Observer 27 June 1973)




Beynon H
 and Wainwright, H. (1980) The Workers Report on Vickers Ltd.  Pluto There has been nothing like it since The Miners Next Step published in 1912 (Tony Lane)


Edited Collections

Digging Deeper: Issues in the Miners' Strike

Beynon H (Editor) (1985) Digging Deeper: Issues in the Miners’ Strike, Verso


Working Papers

Beynon, H. and Wainwright, H. (1980) Workers’ Plans, Alternative products and the Vickers Combine Shop Stewards’ Committee, ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, 1979 pp10

Beynon, H. (1980) Trade Unions in Crisis: Plant Closures at British Leyland, ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp. 88

Beynon, H. and Wainwright, H. (1980) Workers’ Alternative Planning: Cutting Edge of Slippery Slope?, ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp. 26

Beynon, H. and Wainwright, H. Generalising the Lucas Initiative: A movement for Workers’ Plans, ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, 1979 pp14.

Beynon, H. and Nichols, T. (1970) Modern British Sociology and the Affluent Worker, University of Bristol, pp32

Academic Journal Papers

Beynon , H, Davies R and Davies, S. (2012) “Sources of Variation in Trade Union Membership across the UK: The case of Wales”, Industrial Relations Journal, May pp

“Sources of Variation in trade union membership across the UK: the case of Wales”, (with Rhys Davies and Steve Davies) Industrial Relation’s Journal, 2012

“Too Much Socialism in Britain: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher” Industrial Relation’s Journal, 2012

“The Miners’ Strike in Easington”New Left Review, No.148, 1985

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