Changing Places


Regenerating the Coal-fields




Beynon H
, Bennett, K and Hudson, R (2000) Regenerating the Coal-fields, Policy Press





Beynon H,  Hudson, R and Sadler, D. (1996) A Place Called Teesside, Edinburgh University Press




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Working Papers

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Academic Journal Papers

Beynon H with Quilley S (2006) “The Guernsey Tom: The Rise and Fall of an Island Economy”, Food and History, Volume 3, No.1 pp 151-196, ISSN 1780-3187

Beynon H with Scourfield J, Evans J and Shah W (2005) “The Negotiation of Minority Ethnic Identities in Virtually All-White Communities: Research with Children and their Families in the South Wales Valleys”, Children and Society, 19 pp 211-224, ISSN 0951-0605

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Review Articles / Reviews

Beynon H (2008) “Issues of Class, Ethnicity and Migration in a London Borough” in SAGE Race Relations Abstracts Vol 32 (3) pp 30-43

“Dignity at Work”, British Journal of Industrial relations (2003) 588-590


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