Change and the British Working Class

Edited Collections

What Happened at Speke?

Austrin, T, Beynon, H. (1979) But the world goes on the same – Changing times in Durham pit villages, Strong Words Publications

Cover for Hello, Are you working?




Beyond H and Armstrong K (1978) Hello Are You Working? Memories of the Thirties in the North of England, Strong Words Publications


Working Papers

Beynon, H. (1982) The Past Against the Present: Jeremy Seabroke’s Method and the British Working Class ESRC Project Working Paper, University of Durham, pp 24


Edited Works: Contributions

Cool Britannia or Cruel Britannia: Race and Racism in New Labour” (2003) (with Lou Kushnick) in Leo Panich and Colin Leys (Eds): Socialist Register

“Jeremy Seabrook and the English Working Class” in R. Milliband and J. Saville, (Eds), The Socialist Register, Merlin Press, 1982, pp.285-301


Academic Journal Papers

“A Classe Acabou? Reflexoes sombre um Tema Controverso”, Dados: Revista de Ciencia Sociais, Vol.39, No.2, 1996 pp. 253-279

“A destruicao da classe operaria inglesa?”, Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Socias, No 27, 1996, pp. 5-18

“The Negotiation of Minority Ethnic Identities in Virtually All-White Communities: Research with Children and their Families in the South Wales Valleys”, (with J. Scourfield , J. Evans and W. Shah), Children and Society, 19 (2005) pp 211-224, ISSN 0951-0605


Popular Journal Papers

“Absent Friends: The Problems of ‘Our Friends in the North’”, Red Pepper, July 1996


Review Articles / Reviews

Beynon H (2008) “Issues of Class, Ethnicity and Migration in a London Borough” in SAGE Race Relations Abstracts Vol 32 (3) pp 30-43

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